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General Info


Defendants in Municipal Court should dress accordingly to the dignity and respect of the Court.  Inappropriate attire will not be tolerated in the Courtroom.  No clothing displaying offensive or vulgar words or pictures will be permitted (the Court retains the exclusive right to define "offensive" and "vulgar" on an individual basis).  No mini skirts, shorts, tank tops, halter tops, exposed midriffs, baggy jeans that fall below the hips, hats (except for those worn for religious purposes, or flip flops will be allowed in the Courtroom.


Defendants in Municipal Court shall be respectful of the Judge, court staff, attorneys and litigants.  You should speak clearly and address the Judge as "Your Honor" or "Judge".  Only one person at a time may speak when addressing the Court during proceedings.  Disruptive behavior such as talking, laughing or creating other disturbances will not be tolerated.  The security staff may remove persons from the courtroom and the Judge may hold violators in contempt of court.


  • Weapons of any kind,
  • Electronic Equipment,
  • Food, beverages, chewing gum, or tobacco, and
  • Cell phones or pagers which are not set on silent mode.  Use of cell phones during court proceedings is strictly prohibited.


Failure to resolve your case on before the appearance date listed on your citation will result in the following actions being taken against the offender:

          1.  A Failure To Appear charge will be issued.
          2. An arrest warrant will be issued on all original violations as well as the
              Failure To Appear charge.

When a bench warrant is issued by the Judge, the maximum fine amount allowed by law will be assessed in addition to court costs, fees and warrant fees.  If an arrest warrant is issued, the defendant will be subject to arrest at home, place of business, or wherever he/she may be located.

A request may be submitted to the Texas Department of Public Safety for the denial of your driver's license renewal.  The inability to pay a fine is not an excuse for failing to appear.  Fine payment extensions may be granted in person at the time of the appearance.


The Farmersville Municipal Court accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Money Order
  • Cashier's Check
  • Personal Check
  • Visa and MasterCard

 NOTE:  Personal checks will not be accepted for outstanding warrants


If your personal check is returned by the bank, a $30 fee will be charged regardless of the reason for return.  Payment for returned checks and fees must be by cash, money order or a cashier's check.  Personal checks or credit cards will not be accepted to clear a returned check.  It is the responsibility of the defendant to clear a returned check immediately.  The Court may issue a warrant for your arrest if the matter is not resolved in a timely manner.