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Compliment Or Complaint Form

Police BadgeThe employees of the Farmersville Police Department are determined to deliver the finest Public Safety service possible to the citizens and guests of our city. Law enforcement is a career field sought by many people and found by only a few. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of conduct. I expect the employees of this Agency to perform their duties with courage, dignity, professionalism, and in every case, with respect and humanity.

I know that we will sometimes make mistakes. However, the number of confirmed mistakes is very small when compared to the hundreds of thousands of people we come into contact with each year. I personally want to know if you have a complaint against, or commendation for one of our employees.

By completing the complaint form, you will be doing a great service to the Police Department and the community as a whole by allowing us to evaluate employee performance from your perspective.

As Chief of Police I have a tremendous responsibility, not only to you as a citizen, but to the members of this Agency to ensure that your complaints of alleged misconduct by Police employees are properly reviewed and discipline or training issued when appropriate.

As Chief Administrator of the Police Department, I have commensurate moral and legal obligations to see that the due process and legal rights of citizens and employees are not violated. Once I am satisfied that the investigation is complete, I will take appropriate action based on the relevant facts.


Marsha Phillips, Chief of Police
Farmersville Police Department

Email completed forms to:

Bias Based Policing Policy